The echological changes of the environmental factors from region to region make Orissa's wildlife as exciting as it is varied.Today Orissa's numerous sanctuaries, both large and small, play an important role while affording a great deal of pleasure to wildlife enthusiasts.
Extending over 6,000 sq km it is one of the very few evergreen repository of most luxuriant mangrove vegetation in the world.

Bounded by rivers on 3 sides and the sea on the fourth,Bhitarkanika is criss crossed by numerous creeks and canals which finally meet the sea and make the estuarine delta, the playground of Bay of Bengal.
Specially chosen to be one of the Tiger reserves identified by Project Tiger to handle the onerous task of conseving India's fast depleting tiger population.Similipal has over 95 tigers within its bounds.There are leopards,elephants,mugger crocodiles and numerous other reptiles around here.Apart from the wonderful wildlife, tourists get an excellent bonus of lush valleys and forest lands.